SS-56SESM Whole House Water Softener

To inhibit limescale buildup for the protection of your appliances and the pipes


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Features and Benefits

  • Ion Exchange System to inhibit Limescale and to protect appliances and piping throughout the house
  • ¾” Electronic metered control valve regenerates the resin as needed
  • 5-year Warranty on the control valve
  • 3 available sizes
  • Resin in the mineral tank lasts for up to 10 years, provided a whole house filter system is installed before it. (Removing Chlorine will increase the lifespan of the resin) (Link to Whole House Filter).
  • Salt media replaced as needed – Consult with your installer for Salt delivery (extra charge).
  • Installed by a professional certified installer – free of charge


  • Reduces scale build-up in your piping and appliances
  • Reduces electricity usage.

Included Accessories

Optional Accessories

  • Whole House filter to protect softener from Chlorine fouling
  • Sediment Prefilter: Protect your softener and filter from excessive sediment due to outside construction
  • Sediment Post-filter. Keep Carbon fines from entering your piping inside the home
  • Whole House Pressure regulator. Protect your home from excessive outside pressure that could burst pipes

Additional information


SS-56SESM-1, SS-56SESM-1.5, SS-56SESM-2

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